Collaboration Advantage

Collaboration Advantage

We have not only the OEM capability, but customization. Even though just OEM style, we can make it different via other special painting or surface treatment.

Our quality control is very strict. You don’t need to worry about the items having any problems from the material to the merchandise.

We accept not only traditional order such as a whole container, but just a few cartons shipped by air. You don’t need to have a lot of stock. It makes your business more flexible. We do know the shipping by air is very expensive, that’s why we always our clients to collect some small parts to pack into the same box. It’s not a problem for us to help clients save cost.

Processing of body parts

We focus on not only plastic injection but chrome plating and painting process. All the products are made by those processes and quality inspected to become what you seen. After well packed and fast shipping, we believe all the clients can still feel our passion in the products.


We provide one stop service from manufacture to shipment. You can get the items you need easily. Our experience team provides the fastest reply and best service.

Besides, our team always load goods as possible to save the shipping fee because we know the fee is very high.

Stable Supply, High Quality

All our items we provide are directly manufactured in Taiwan body parts supplier. The quality would not be your concern. We will check every item again before we deliver it. Besides, we can provide competitively price and fast shipment. All you need just send us the inquiry.



Our clients are already throughout over North America, the middle east and Oceania. In addition, we expand actively easten European and Latin American market. We expect let these high quality products from Taiwan can be known and satisfied with everyone.

We are full passionate and experienced with positive attitude to assist everyone, absolutely your best choice.

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