Payment Methods

BuyNTryParts-Payment Methods

We accept a sample order to check the quality :

For example, the retail price for the item is $10; the wholesale price is $3, we charge $10 for the sample order but refund the difference in price when the bulk purchase. In this case, if the MOQ is 10, when the buyer places a bulk purchase order, we will refund you 10*10-(10-3)=$93.

Constant Business :

Once we have constant business relationship, we accept 30% deposit, after buyers receive the bill of lading and pick up goods, buyers pay the other 70% final payment.

BuyNTryParts-Sea Freight

Sea Freight

We understand buyers have other goods demands, other cooperators, or other suppliers. Therefore, we provide shipping ways below.

LCL (Less than Container Load) way :

1. Delivering to the warehouse of other suppliers

Many suppliers have their own warehouses, especially bumpers, fenders and hoods suppliers. Because these goods have bigger volume, they often stuff containers in their warehouse. We are happy to help to contact them and discuss the detail of shipment.

2. Delivering to Container Freight Stations (CFS) with other suppliers

Maybe buyers order various goods, or for some reasons, they don’t stuff in own warehouse, but CFS instead. We can help for the shipment, including the shipping mark.

3. LCL Directly

If buyers don’t have other suppliers in Taiwan, and volume of goods is not enough to become a container, we provide packing service. Besides, we have cooperated forwarders to make all shipment delivery.

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