All you need for Nissan Hardbody Front Bumper

Nissan Hardbody

Nissan Hardbody is one of a big family, 720 series. (If you need more information, please read 6 Types of Steering Column Cover for Nissan 720 Frontier Navara D21 Hardbody) Until now, it’s still very popular. You can see them everywhere in the world. Besides, the youngest vehicle is almost 30 years old. The demand for exterior parts is very high. Nissan Hardbody is specific in America; in other regions, we call it D21. This model is competing with Toyota Hilux Pickup. (If you need the information for Toyota Hilux Pickup, please read Still Hotcake! 1989-1995 TOYOTA PICKUP / HILUX FRONT BUMPER)

About Nissan Hardbody Front Bumper

Nissan Hardbody Front Bumper sells like a hot cake; no matter the chrome or black one. BuyNTryparts offers both, you can easily find them here:

  • Chrome Nissan Hardbody Front Bumper-Chrome
  • Black Nissan Hardbody Front Bumper-Black

The central bumper and the bumper ends are steel; The bumper grilles are plastic; Besides, there are a pair of bumper lights. Please check the bumper lights plug, if not compatible, please use your original one.


About the OEM number:

Firstly, chrome type:

Secondly, black type:

Other parts for Nissan Hardbody

The package includes 7 pieces of Nissan Hardbody Front Bumper parts in the box. You don’t need to worry about the quality. In facts,there are 2WD 4WD types for Nissan Hardbody. Fortunately, the bumper is the same.So do the grilles. Nevertheless, You can also find the grille here.

Painting before you fit it

If you bought the chrome bumper package, you can fit them directly. However, if the black one; we suggest you paint them because the central and bumper end only have the bottom painting; it needs the second painting layer; for example, if you want them like your body color, you can paint them in it. If you just want to make it cheaper and don’t want to spend too much money; you can paint it in black as the second layer.

After replacing the front bumper,the Nissan Hardbody still looks fashionable. BuyNTryparts not only provides the parts but is the consultant for Nissan Hardbody. All in all, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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