So many people have been trying to repair their TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP/ 4RUNNER TRUCK

We can find so many people discussing how to repair and find parts for their TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP/ 4RUNNER TRUCK, such as this forum.

YotaTech Although it’s been 30 years, this type is still very popular. In that forum, there are new threads discussed every day, especially the interior part-Steering Column Cover /Steering Column Shroud.


We met a Taiwanese because of the Steering Column Cover /Steering Column Shroud

One day, BuyNTry Parts received an email which was sent by a Taiwanese,Benny. He mentioned he needs a pair of Steering Column Cover/Steering Column Shroud for TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP/ 4RUNNER TRUCK 1989-1995. We weren’t surprised because Benny wasn’t the first one to order this in Taiwan.

Benny provided pics and let us know the process of repairing for TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP/ 4RUNNER TRUCK 1989-1995.

Benny is very excited that he found a new Steering Column Cover/Steering Column Shroud. Besides, the manufacturer is just in Taiwan. What a coincidence! He told me he almost bought a second hand one. I can feel his excitement and really want it.

3 Types Steering Column Cover/Steering Column Shroud available

This is how his stuff looks like, it’s broken.(Parts Number: 45287-04010, 45286-04020,45287-35230 ,45286-35340 45286-35350,45023-35070) I told Benny that there are at least 3 types for TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP/ 4RUNNER TRUCK 1989-1995. However, we didn’t develop that type he provided, that’s why we need to try to fit it.

After around 1 month, Benny eventually visited us specially and brought the Steering Column Cover/Steering Column Shroud.

It’s SYB4002, SY0195GY, Undeveloped respectively.

SYB4002 RN85, 45287-35170, 45287-35200, 45286-35260
SY0195GY RN91, 45286-35280, 45286-35290, 45286-35330, 45286-35360,
45286-04020, 45287-35210, 45287-35240, 45287-04020
Undeveloped RN81, 45287-04010, 45286-04020, 45287-35230, 45286-35340, 45286-35350, 45023-35070

It’s very clear to see the differences. Actually, the distance between the red circles and yellow squares is the same. In other words, the main fasten positions are the same, but SYB4002 is longer, Benny chose SY0195GY to fit on.

The fitment and difference among the Steering Column Cover / Steering Column Shroud

After fitting, Benny found out that there is only a fasten hole which fastens the wiper and the turn signal switch is different. In other words,if you don’t use that hole, it can be replaced perfectly.

Regarding SYB4002(RN85,45287-35170,45287-35200, 45286-35260), it’s longer and doesn’t fit it.

This is the fitting picture for SYB4002(RN85,45287-35170,45287-35200, 45286-35260).

Some types can be switched

This is the fitting picture for SY0195GY on Benny’s car. It fits perfectly and doesn’t need to modify anything. In fact, there are other model names fitting it also, such as SYB4002(RN85,45287-35170,45287-35200, 45286-35260)fits LN86,RN125 also. Moreover, there are tilt/ without tilt models, or key light/ without keylight models. We even found out that some SY0195GY(RN91,45286-35280,45286-35290, 45286-35330, 45286-35360, 45286-04020,45287-35210,45287-35240, 45287-04020) fits RN85. The best way to confirm is to take it off and compare with the pictures. After a couple of months, this TOYOTA HILUX PICKUP 1993 2WD RN81 has a brand new look.

Find it on BuyNTry Parts

Bringing an old car back to young is extraordinary and meaningful; this car not only carries passengers but memories. When it comes to the original, only the owner can feel touched. That’s why there are so many old car repair fans in the world. I am so happy and honored I can help Benny to provide him with parts(Exclusive in BuyNTry Parts) to work it out.

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