Everything you must know – 2 Types of Ford Crown Victoria Grille(With Purchase information & Coupon)

Why Ford Crown Victoria was popular

      Ford Crown Victoria is a civic, normal model in the US market. It’s known as fair priced, well driving pleasure and cheap spare parts. Ford Crown Victoria was popular in 2000-2010. Although for now it has been discontinued and has no successor, it still can be found on the street.

2 Types of Ford Crown Victoria Grille

      There are 2 types of grilles for the 2nd generation Crown Victoria from 1998 to 2012; horizontal bar(OEM number:F8AZ-8200AA,XW7Z-8200BB, Partslink:FO1200346) and honeycomb type(OEM number:4W7Z8200AA,6W7Z-8200-AA Partslink:FO1200388). Basically, it can be switched; the length and width is the same. However, it still has some detail to notice. For example, the emblem or we call bowtie, the dimensions are different. Besides, the middle of the screw is different.

The key of installation

      The middle “Ford” emblem or we call nameplate can’t be switched. The dimensions of the honeycomb type(OEM number:4W7Z8200AA,6W7Z-8200-AA Partslink:FO1200388) is 14.6cm in width; 5.7cm in height. You can easily find it via “F8UB-8C020-AA


The horizontal bar(OEM number:F8AZ-8200AA,XW7Z-8200BB, Partslink:FO1200346) one is 10.3cm in width; 4.1cm in height. You can find it via “F8CB-8C046-AA”; a.k.a.”F8CZ-8A223-AA”.


Where to Buy?  Coupon Code: CRVICT

      Buy N Try Parts provides options to choose the look, such as chrome or painted; especially, the chrome honeycomb grilles, exclusively in Buy N Try Parts.

The Chrome honeycomb type:

You can see the chrome grille after the installation for Ford Crown Victoria. It indeed looks great.


In addition, other options:


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