Gracious Grand Prix: Door cam spies kid on driveway so owner adds racetrack

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When kids play on neighbors’ driveways, the result is often raised voices and scowls of disapproval. But when one suburban resident noticed a kid riding a bicycle around his driveway, he decided to turn it into a racetrack. This was documented in a video posted on Twitter Thursday.

After seeing the kid on his driveway security camera, the homeowner decided to build a track or, more accurately, draw it. Outlined with sidewalk chalk, it features plenty of turns, a long-ish back straight, and warnings like “slow” and “eyes up.”

“I don’t know who’s having more fun with this, him or me,” the track’s creator said in the video. He’s one of the people behind motorcycle website CanyonChasers, and the video was originally posted to that site in a slightly longer form.

The video was posted to Twitter by Mike Sington, a former television executive. In a followup tweet, Sington said he was looking to identify the person in the video, saying he had “NASCAR drivers who want to send them stuff!”

Indeed, 2004 NASCAR Cup Series champion Kurt Busch retweeted the video, offering to send “some cooling racing stuff.” Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud called it “awesome.”

The video circulated widely on Twitter Friday, with over 941,000 views at the time of publication. Many commenters said they were moved by this moment of positivity amid the many crises of 2020.

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