Honda, Nissan to lay off 10,000 workers each as coronavirus hits economy

The layoffs come as the COVID-19 pandemic presses pause on car sales worldwide.

from: Sean SzymkowskiApril 7, 2020 8:47 a.m. PT

As Honda and Nissan extend work stoppages at US production plants amid the coronavirus pandemic, both Japanese automakers will reportedly take more drastic measures as world economies remain at a standstill.

Nikkei reported Tuesday that the companies plan to lay off 10,000 workers each at US plants. Honda’s US operations have remained idle since March 18 with plans to restart production on May 1. Nissan says it will keep its plants offline through “late April.”

I am wondering if it affects the production of the top sales models such as X-Trial or Altima. Nissan had rumors that it’s going to break up with Renault. Maybe Japan government will help them?


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