Just normal screws or bolts?

Not essential parts but save lots of time


Parts: Front Bumper Assembly

It’s a very normal situation that the manufacturers reduce some parts which are not essential because the aftermarket auto parts are very competitive. They thought the vehicle owner will reuse the original parts on the car. But in fact, many owners want to replace the parts because the parts are very old, rusted or broken. They spend lots of time to search for the parts. When they finally got the parts a couple of days, they felt frustrating. Here’s an example below

Is it actually cheap?

It’s worthy when you need it ASAP

Sam bought a chrome central bumper of Hilux 4WD 1986 from vendor A, Fig1, and end caps from Vendor B, Fig2. Both of the vendors sent the part that they sold. When he received the parts and took the bumper off from his car, he found out that all the nuts are rusty. It’s hard to take off them and worst of all, one of the nuts is worn out. He needs to get some others. However, both of the vendors didn’t include the nuts in their selling parts. Actually, they’re just normal nuts. But He needs to get them at a hardware store far away from him 2 hours.

In case to prevent this frustrating situation, we can see the Fig3, there are 2 nuts to fasten the bumper and the bumper ends. The owner doesn’t need to worry about the nuts by purchasing from us. Our whole assembly package will be delivered with those nuts to save your time. Moreover, the owner has more time and buoyancy to accompany their families and will be more efficient on the work of fixing their car.

How to solve this problem?

Buy N Try auto parts is a Taiwan’s body parts supplier. We knew this situation always happens, and we knew what you need. We always managed to find the parts you need to make the car repairing become easier. If it’s just the same problem of yours, please contact us.

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