Low tire pressure can be dangerous

Please be sure to check the tires and safety checks before driving to ensure driving safety.

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Just about every driver knows that tires need to be checked periodically for proper inflation. Yet studies show that a significant percentage rarely if ever do inflation checks, and that as many as one-third of vehicles on the road are driving around with at least one tire that’s seriously underinflated.

What’s the big deal? Well, underinflated tires will wear prematurely, and they can be damaged more easily by road hazards. Underinflated tires also can adversely effect vehicle handling and traction. Underinflation hurts fuel economy as soft tires increase rolling resistance.

But more to the point, an underinflated tire could kill you and your passengers. Every year, there are thousands of high-speed crashes caused by the tread separating from tire carcasses, which can happen suddenly and violently, sometimes resulting in instant blowouts, and causing the driver to lose control.

Anatomy of a steel-belted radial tire | repairpal.com

Anatomy of a steel-belted radial tire | repairpal.com

While modern steel-belted radial tires are amazing things, usually lasting tens of thousands of miles without incident, they do have an inherent issue with tread separation, particularly when they are run underinflated at highway speeds, and especially in hot weather.

“Tread separations are an unfortunate by-product of steel-belted radial tire technology,” according to the Tire Failures Resource Center, an insurance-industry group. “Due to the difficulty in obtaining adhesion of steel to rubber, there is a potential for tread separation of all steel-belted radial tires.

Body damage caused by a tire tread separation | Clublexus.com

Body damage caused by a tire tread separation | Clublexus.com

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