Santa’s Selling His Daily Driver Before The Big Day

Santa’s wants to join the ranks of energy saving and carbon reduction?
Miss the reindeer…haha

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Christmas is coming and if you think Santa Claus is in his freezing North Pole garage, getting ready for the million miles to be racked up for deliveries, it looks like Nicholas has something else in mind.

Found on Auto Trader is a convertible 1990 Morgan 4/4, pegged as a Santa sleigh with its festive styling and Corsa Red paint color. It’s in excellent condition, the ad says, and we believe so since who knows what magic the elves apply to keep Santa’s four-wheel buddy in tip-top shape.

Of course, there’s only one previous owner and he’s a non-smoker, but Auto Trader warns buyers that he has a pet reindeer, so there may be a few fur in some crevices in the cabin. There are a few pie crumbs on the floor though and some bonus Christmas CDs but don’t worry, that’s just a sign of the previous ownership.

The dashboard of this Morgan for sale is made of Walnut while Stone leather covers the seats. It has only racked up 25,394 miles (41,737 kilometers) on its odometer, but million sky miles aren’t accounted for since they don’t affect the car’s health.

With Rudolph doing all the legwork, Santa doesn’t really concern himself with what’s under the hood. But since this you’re a mortal, you might want to know that it comes with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine mated to a manual transmission.

Auto Trader lists this Santa-themed Morgan for £24,000 or around $32,200 with the current exchange rates. If you’re interested, the seller offers door-to-door delivery – though they don’t guarantee if it will come down the chimney, nor will it come with an extra Rudolph for that extra oomph.

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