Stolen or auto insurance fraud? Only God knows.

This is amazing about why the Mazda RX-7 under river? Is still a mystery.

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Taking after an old rumor of a girl who dumped her boyfriend’s truck in a river some two decades ago, the scuba team behind the Adventures with Purpose channel on YouTube decided to investigate further. What they eventually found was simply amazing.

As our colleagues from Motorious report, the team went to search for the truck dumped into the river, located in the Portland, Oregon area, many years ago. After a few hours, they stumbled upon a red Mazda RX-7 and managed to get it out of the river’s muddy waters.

At first glance, it looked catastrophic as it was upside down and the roof was seriously damaged. However, we don’t think it’s that bad and someone may actually be able to restore the car with the proper knowledge and resources.

Gallery: Mazda RX-7 found in a river

Mazda RX-7 found in a river

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